POST 26 – The House that was a Home

 This is the a Poem of the Green house, the place I feel where I was close to my Mom.  Everyone has a place that they can think of in their mind, the place that is the whole vision of themselves when they were little.  This is mine.. I hope you can see your house that became your home, and you have one or two people who love you so much they will take you there whenever you need!!

Post 26 – The House that was a Home

By Julie Pellissier-Lush

There once was a house right by the beach hidden in some trees

There lived a Mi’kmaq mother, a father and a baby that was me

The walls outside were painted a dark forest green

It really was the biggest house that I had ever seen

Two stories high with an attic way up at the top

During the summer the flowers grew up here there and everywhere

We were always so busy playing in the sun and smelling the calm sea air

An apple tree grew just outside the house real wild and tall

We’d pick all the apples before they could have a chance to fall

Picking clams on the beach for a big clam bake

Eating up so many that my belly would sometimes ache

This house was a home full of so much laughter

Full of joy love and hope for a happily ever after

People came to visit, people came and went

There was so much time visiting so much time spent

One day that Mi’kmaq Mother got sick down deep inside

It was cancer and from that there was no place for us to hide

She got sicker and sicker each week and month that went by

After that the time spent in that beautiful house went as fast as time could fly

When she passed away on that cold dark morning in March

The house became for us like a ugly broken arch

So soon it was sold and we moved far away

The people that bought it only came there to play

In the summers when the sun was high in the sky

When the winter came they’d say goodbye

A few years came and went and that house just sat so still

Things started to go and the family had got their fill

Soon people came and tore that old house down

They cleared out all the debris that was left all over the ground

Now all that remains are the trees standing tall

It is like there was never a happy family there at all

The house that was a home is gone but not forgotten my me

I stop by and look sometimes at that old apple tree

The laugher and love that came from that place

Is not totally gone without a trace

I am here with the memory in my head

The house that was green and the soil that was red

It was my house that became my home

Someday I will come back when I stop wanting to roam

For now like the special people and places that are gone

I think of them when I need strength to  carry on.

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