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POST 25 – The Drummer

Last weekend was an amazing Pow wow held by the Native Council of PEI.  They had lots of dancers and drummers.  It made me think and on the way home I started this poem, The Drummer.  They fill our events with music and some of them are also amazing teachers.   I have been very fortunate to be able to sit with a few and hear their stories and why they drum.  Post 25 is for all the drummers out there and all of those who will start drumming.  You have a gift, and everyone thanks you for sharing.

Post 25 – The Drummer

By Julie Pellissier-Lush

The Honour Song is floating in the air around me

I see the group drumming together singing so free

Words of their history through drumming and song

The words they do echo so loud and so strong

One young man stands out and I look over and see him

Eyes are closed, head is tilted up and his mouth has a grin

Hitting the drum with a regular beat

I see his Mom looking at him so proud in her seat

The music, the drumming and song floats up to the sky

I look to the heavens and start wondering why

Why is this music so special to us every time?

Why does it get in our hearts and our minds?

After the drumming was done for a while

That drummer came over and sat with a smile

If you want I can tell you what makes this song great

Why when you hear it you want to celebrate

The beat is the sound that we hear

When Mama’s heart beat is very near

When we are a baby in the womb

It is the sounds that we hear that little room

When we are children adults and teens

We hear the drum and somehow it cleans

Our hearts, our minds and our souls

No matter if we are young or old

The sound of the drum goes deep inside of me

Thank you drummer for helping me to see

What the drum really means and why

The first time I heard it, it made me want to cry

It is the sounds of our people our mothers, our fathers

It is the sounds of our people our sisters and brothers

I can hear it in the Mi’kmaq words you sing under the sun

I can hear it in pulsating beat of the drum

To ground us to our history, and give us wings to soar

Into the future, as a Nation who could ask more

Please drum some more for all of us gathered here today

Come back into the circle once more and play