POST 24 – The Baby Within 

This poem is for the pregnant women out there.  It is not about the people around them, but the new life within them.  Having a new life inside your womb is the most amazing experience, and if I had my time back would definitely have done it more than three times.  But my calling was for something different, and I accept that with a smile.  For all the Moms out there, poem 24 is for you!

Post 24 – The Baby Within

For the little life inside of me today

There are so many emotions I cannot say

The joy of knowing you are safe and warm

Nervous because I know soon you will be born

I know I’ve never felt so complete

Since the first time I felt your body move

Wiggle and kick inside, of me you must approve

Your little way of letting me know you were there

When you’re pregnant I found people just don’t stare

They rub your belly and pretend that it is catching

You’re just like a little egg getting ready for hatching

I picture your tiny hands and tiny feet sometimes

I would never hurt you baby, that would be a crime

I love you little one and can’t wait to hold you tight

I look forward to you waking me up at night

These little sounds will soon become music to my ears

I love you baby, with all my heart my dear

I will do what I can to be the best Mom I can be

It is all so new it won’t be easy for me

To grow so fast, nine months is not that long

I just need to love, to plan and be strong

You will always be my number one

Be you a beautiful daughter or a handsome son

I hope what I do for you today deep within me

Will help you grow up strong and proud for me to see

Will you be a dancer, singer or drummer when you grow up?

No matter what you will always be my little buttercup

I ponder these thoughts as I lay in bed at night

Baby my hope is that your future be bright

One last thing as I give my tummy a rub

I give you this poem, dear baby with all my love

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