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POST 23 – Lost Mi’kmaq Graves in PEI

This poem is written about an unknown group of about 6-8 graves of Mi’kmaq people up in the Eastern part of PEI.  It was just by chance that I heard this story and went up to investigate.  In a small grove of trees these graves have been kept safe and undisturbed by a family for several generations.  I give lots of thanks to this family, and now I really want to know more of the story.  The pictures are from the actual site, I hope anyone out there who loves to hear out the past enjoys this poem. 

Post 23 – Lost Mi’kmaq Graves in PEI

By Julie Pellissier-Lush

I drove up East in PEI

Someone told me a story passing by

About some hidden Mi’kmaq graves upon his land

He sat down and told me how this story had began

The farmer was very young when this father told him how

When he was a little boy, this story put sweat upon his brow

A little glen of moss and trees

Is where these Mi’kmaq people fell to their knees

So they could bury the ones they loved

And say their prayers to the creator above

Sandstone is what they marked the place

Now this family is gone with barely a trace

Who were they and what were their names?

Maybe back then we were considered all the same

As I stepped into the glen I saw the world get darker

It was not too long that I saw the first red sandstone marker

The wind started to whisper

The trees began a dance

Had I really found some of my relatives at last?

The farmers family had protected them generation after generation

From plowing and cutting but not the isolation

What has to happen is to bring the people in now

Who have machines and all their know how

To look under the earth and see

Who these people were and set them free

What is the story of the lost lonely graves?

Were you a family that caught a plague?

Were you  just a few friends or a whole clan?

Were you hiding in the woods when everyone ran?

The stories will come back to us I hope someday

Of these people buried in a little glen so far away

I pray your souls are all at peace tonight

I hope finding you now helps make things right